What is an AMM?

An automated market maker (AMM) is like a robot that’s always quoting you a price between two assets (SOL/NFT)
Handling a single item sell-order (a single listing) or buy-order (a single bid or collection offer) is a manageable task for the user, in terms of creating, updating the price, and canceling. On the other hand, handling multi-item sell or buy orders (sell/buy side LPs) very quickly becomes an impossible task. Without proper tooling, users will have to create/update/cancel their orders one by one.
CC AMM makes it really easy to manage (create/update/cancel) sell-side, buy-side, and double-sided LPs, no matter how large your LP is (e.g. 2 items or 200 items). Also, for double-sided LPs, LP owners will be able to collect fees on every transaction with the LP.
It enables 100% trustless trading, and also allows anyone to be the market maker and earn fees for providing liquidity.
What is trustless trading, you ask?
The concept of trustlessness is a core element of blockchain, crypto payments, and smart contracts. “Trustless” means that you don't have to trust a third party: a bank, a person, or any intermediary that could operate between you and your cryptocurrency transactions or holdings.
What makes the Coral Cube AMM different?
-clean UI/UX
-set up pools in a few clicks
-all listings & offers from pools are aggregated on @MagicEden and will get the maximum exposure on Solana
-smart contracts ensure LP fees are paid on every trade straight into your wallet