Sell-side LP

This is identical to multiple listings with different prices. But instead of inputting the prices one by one, you only need to describe your entire sell-side LP in the following terms: (A) pricing curve type (linear or exponential) (B) the lowest sell price on the curve (C) the set of NFTs that need to go into the sell-side LP (D) the incremental delta amount on the curve which is the difference between two consecutive price values on the curve in terms of a percentage change (in case of an exponential curve) or an additive amount (in case of a linear curve) - going from lowest to highest. (E) whether the royalty payment is required on each sale.
Let’s go though a simple example with the following values as the input:
(A): Exponential
(B): 11.025 SOL
(C): 4 items
(D): 5%
  • The above prices are the net amount that goes into the sell-side LP’s sol pocket for each transaction with the sell-side LP in order from right to left.
  • So at the time of creating this buy-side LP, the LP creator has to pick 4 NFTs to put in the sell-side LP. These NFT’s can be sold from the pool in any order.
  • To budget the marketplace fees, our marketplace will calculate an adjusted price (higher than these net numbers) to show to the potential buyers. The difference between these two numbers will be used to pay for marketplace fees.